Lightwater Nursery School, Lightwater Leisure Centre, 

The Avenue, Lightwater, GU18 5YD

What Do We Do At Nursery?

"When I arrive at nursery my mummy takes me in and Lisa always says hello to me.  I know where my peg is and I can hang my coat up all by myself.  I have to put my water bottle on the table, I need to drink water so my brain works. I need to write my name with my mummy, she helps me.  I can play then and my mummy goes to work. I like playing outside, I found a worm today!"

"Today I played with the blocks first.  I have to put all the blocks in the right place.  The biggest one goes at the bottom, if I put the smallest one at the bottom it would fall over and that would be silly.  I can play with the trucks as well but I have to tidy up first and put my toys back neatly.  When my teachers sing the tidy up song we all have to work together, like a team, to make sure our toys are put away properly. Then we can have our snack.  I like to drink milk and have tuna sandwiches.  We have to pour our own drinks and pick our own sandwiches."

"I love listening to stories and singing songs at nursery.  My favourite story is 'Room on a Broom', I know that the author is Julia Donaldson and she is the person that wrote the book.  I can write books in the writing area and Dawn can read them to the other children.  That means I'm an author.  When my Granny picks me up I can show her my book.  I like nursery because I do lots of fun things like building dens.  Today I splashed in the puddles and made a picture with the leaves in the wood.  I like to feed the ducks too.

Just some of the things our children have told us about their day.  We strongly believe that children learn best through play and their own exploration.  Therefore the large majority of our day is spent in free flow so the children have free choice of the resources and environment.  Our staff are always available to question, engage and encourage the children to take the next step in their learning.  Although we have our snack time and tidy up time at a set time each day the majority of our time is spent going with the children's interests.  Therefore no two days will ever look the same!