Lightwater Nursery School, Lightwater Leisure Centre, 

The Avenue, Lightwater, GU18 5YD


At Lightwater Nursery School we follow the child's interests and curiosities.  We encourage parents to let us know what their child is engaged with at home so we can ensure we are able to plan around this interest in nursery.  

We follow a system called Objective Led Planning.  This means that each week we will look carefully at the areas of learning the children need to work on and and set learning objectives based on these areas.  However we do not pull children away from their play to achieve these objectives.  Instead we will take the objective to the child ensuring we have set up areas in the nursery where these can be achieved.  For example if the objective is to count using 1 to 1 correspondence then we could count the blocks they are building with in the block area, the leaves we find in the forest, the pencils that they are using to colour.  Children are more engaged when working on an activity of their choosing and therefore learn more.  

Each week we have a planning board displayed in the nursery listing the five objectives we are focusing on.  Please ask one of the teachers if you would like clarification on a particular objective.  

Please note: although these objectives are our focus areas we will still work on all 17 areas of learning throughout the day.